Milli Bongiorno, Australian Alpine Snowboarder, having Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET), at RSDC

Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me?

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Respiratory and Sleep Disorder Centre is specialised in diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary (lung) conditions as well as sleep disorders. RSDC is particularly interested in Sleep Studies, Lung Function Testing and Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET), used for fitness/athlete assessment, preoperative work up and investigation of breathlessness. Our state of the art and brand new equipments along with experienced staffs provide a variety of quality respiratory and sleep diagnostics.

We offer instant respiratory and sleep review and triage patients in a timely manner, including urgent assessment of patients with pulmonary nodules and masses (with quick and easy access to bronchoscopy and PET scans), assessment of pleural diseases (with bedside thoracic ultrasound in the rooms to manage a vast group of patients with different pleural pathologies) and easy access to inpatients and home based sleep studies both in private and public setting.

Our special interests include lung function testing, sleep studies and the management of

   • Lung diseases including COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Lung Fibrosis, Interestitial Lung Diseases

   • Lung masses and nodules

   • Pleural disease

   • Obstructive sleep aponea and other more complex sleep disorders

We provide quality diagnostic testing including comprehensive respiratory function testing for paediatrics and adults as well as home-based sleep study. Please fill or download RFT request form or Medical review referral / Sleep study request form.

We look forward to being involved in your patient’s care.



What Is Pulmonary Hypertension?

To understand pulmonary hypertension (PH) it helps to understand how blood flows throughout your body. While the heart is one organ, it works like two pumps that are connected to one another. There is a left side and a right side of the heart, each with two different jobs.

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Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is performed to evaluate your capacity to exercise. It will assess how well your lungs, heart and muscles tolerate exercise and may assist in finding a cause for unexplained shortness of breath.

Your doctor may refer you to have a lung function testing to assess how well your lungs are working or to investigate respiratory symptoms such as chronic cough or shortness of breath. The following list describes respiratory function test which are commonly performed at our laboratory. Prior to attending your appointment check if you need to do anything to prepare for your test.

A sleep study is a test that is performed to find out how well you sleep and will be useful in evaluating many sleep problems.